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"I had the privilege of attending some training that Chris put on in Minnesota, and I can tell you that it was some of the best and most 
 impactful training I have received in over 25 years as a police officer. I would highly recommend Chris because of his excellent abilities
 to communicate and teach. Chris is a great professional that is a credit to law enforcement and safety/security industry, and anyone
 who attends one of his trainings will come away with both knowledge and inspiration to great things." 
- Public Safety Director Scott Nadeau
​ Maplewood, MN Police Department


January 24th - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation – Clark County, WI

January 31st - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation – Trempealeau County, WI

February 1st - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation – Trempealeau County, WI (AM)

February 1st - First Responder Training/Presentation – Trempealeau County, WI (PM)

February 8th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Sun Prairie, WI​

February 9th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Sheboygan, WI​​

February 20th - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation – Ripon, WI

February 24th - First Responder Training/Presentation - Racine, WI​​

February 25th - First Responder Training/Presentation - Racine, WI

February 27th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Racine, WI​​

February 27th - First Responder Training/Presentation - Racine, WI

February 28th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - South Milwaukee, WI​

March 1st - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation – Dodgeville, WI

March 3rd - PTSD911 Documentary Film Screening - Beloit, WI​

March 4th - PTSD911 Documentary Film Screening - Beloit, WI

March 9th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Wood County, WI​

March 14th - Wisconsin Peer Support Conference - Wisconsin Dells, WI

March 21st - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Waukesha, WI​

April 18th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Janesville, WI​

April 19th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Marathon County, WI​

April 20th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Bayfield County, WI​

April 28th - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation – Washington County, WI​

April 29th - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation – Washington County, WI​

May 4th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Eau Claire, WI​​

May 8th - First Responder Training/Presentation – Caledonia, WI

May 9th - First Responder Training/Presentation – Caledonia, WI

May 10th - Illinois Public Pension Fund Association (IPPFA) Retreat - Galena, IL 

May 11th - First Responder Training/Presentation – Rock County, WI (AM)

May 11th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Manitowoc, WI​ (PM)

May 16th - First Responder Training/Presentation – Rock County, WI

May 22nd - First Responder Training/Presentation – Rock County, WI

June 7th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Dane County, WI​

June 8th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Green County, WI​

June 15th - School Resource Officer (SRO) Conference - Appleton, WI

June 22nd, 23rd, 24th - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation – Buffalo, NY

July 23rd - National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) Conference - Cleveland, OH

August 3rd - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Shawano County, WI​ (AM)

​August 3rd - Badger State Sheriff's' Association Conference - Warrens, WI (PM)

​September 19th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Waukesha, WI​

​September 21st - Crisis Intervention Conference - Wisconsin Dells, WI

​September 22nd - Crime Information Bureau (CIB) Conference - Green Bay, WI

September 26th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Mequon, WI​

September 27th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Sun Prairie, WI​

October 5th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Eau Claire, WI​​

October 10th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - South Milwaukee, WI​​ (AM)

October 10th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Fennimore, WI (PM)

October 18th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Marathon County, WI​

October 23rd - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Racine, WI​​

October 27th - First Responder Training/Presentation – Des Plaines, IL

October 28th - PTSD911 Documentary Film Screening - Beloit, WI​

November 2nd - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Jefferson County, WI​

​November 6th - Indigenous Police Officer Peer Support Conference - Orillia, Ontario, Canada

​November 8th - “Coffee and Conversation” College Presentation - NWTC, Green Bay, WI


February 1st - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Brown Deer, WI​
February 2nd - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation – Green Lake County, WI
February 3rd - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation – Green Lake County, WI
February 16th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Dane County, WI​
March 1st - Wisconsin Traffic Safety Officers Association Conference - Pewaukee, WI
March 9th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Wood County, WI​
March 11th - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation – Cape Girardeau, MO
March 15th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Ozaukee County, WI​
March 22nd - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Waukesha, WI​
April 6th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Rock County, WI​ (AM)
April 6th - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation – Evansville, WI (PM)
April 20th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Marathon County, WI​
April 27th - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation – Miami, FL
May 5th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Eau Claire, WI
May 11th - WIPSCOM Conference - Wisconsin Dells, WI
May 12th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Superior, WI​  
May 23rd - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation - Mount Horeb, WI
June 8th - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation - Grant County, WI
June 15th - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation - Grant County, WI
​June 21st - Wisconsin Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Conference - Cedarburg, WI
June 22nd - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Dane County, WI​
August 4th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Shawano County, WI​ 
August 11th - First Responder Conference/Presentation - Vernon County, WI
August 24th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Sun Prairie, WI​ 
August 25th - Law Enforcement Training/Presentation - Hudson, WI
​September 13th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Waukesha, WI​
​September 21st - Peer Support Conference - Des Moines, IA
September 27th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Shorewood, WI
October 6th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Eau Claire, WI​
October 11th - Mental Health Conference/Presentation - Rock County, WI (AM)
October 11th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Ozaukee County, WI​ (PM)
October 12th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Marathon County, WI​ (AM)
October 12th  - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Oshkosh, WI​ (PM)
October 13th  - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Washington County, WI​ (AM)
October 13th  - First Responder Training/Presentation - Hollandale, WI​ (PM)
October 17th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Racine, WI​
October 27th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Sheboygan, WI​ 
November 8th - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training - Jefferson County, WI​