Police Suicide and Mental Illness

Topics Rarely Discussed Openly in Law Enforcement

Police Officers routinely respond to members of the public who are in crisis.  Written policies and laws dictate exactly how to care for suicidal individuals or those in a mental health crisis.

​What are the procedures for how to help Police Officers in crisis?  Why is there a belief that Officers are immune to mental health issues? The Stigma of these topics silences Officers.  Create an environment where it is OK for an Officer to ask for help - TALK 2 END STIGMA!

Chris' Story


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MENtal Health


Riggs from the Riggs & Alley morning show on 103.7 KISS-FM in Milwaukee, has a podcast that puts the MEN in mental. 

I was honored to be his guest!

Sit back for 30 minutes and listen to two guys talking about Mental Health, sharing feelings (strange right?), and what is being done to prevent law enforcement suicide. 


From laughs to tears, this training draws out many emotions and draws out much needed conversation about police suicide.


Organizations that are making a difference to END STIGMA.

In 2008, Chris's life took a different path.  Click the photo to watch the video.



Click on "The Reporters" Icon to read excerpts from the book "Public Safety Suicide: The Human Dimension." I wish to thank Mark Saxenmeyer who first told my story and continues to make sure the conversation continues.

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From police commander to mental health advocate, Chris Prochut has taken steps to stop the stigma surrounding mental illness through sharing his own story.


Special Article​​

Book: Public Safety Suicide

Chapter 2 tells Chris's story and dives into the life-saving actions of his

heroic wife Jennifer.

So many "Thank You's" go out to the authors who are true friends and

share with the reader their research and personal stories.  

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